June 3, 2010

i miss pumping up the volume

I went to my friend Lisa's wedding last weekend (one of the most beautiful brides and weddings ever) and it made me miss my girlfriends so much. Most of our college friends are already married so the guaranteed occasions to meet up are slowing down. There's nothing like having a group of people that you are comfortable and at home with. There's nothing quite like laughing at ridiculous things until your stomach hurts. Or if you are some people (Sangeetha), laugh-cry.

image via Le Love

I'm grateful for friends who I know will always understand me and for never having to explain myself regardless of how much time has passed. I'm especially thankful for all the laughs and how we continue to "pump up the volume" no matter our age.

*Pump up the volume is our phrase because we are lame and would rather take weird jokes too far and talk about pirates/other random nonsensical things than interact with other people or do "normal" things. We even started a pirate/hot dog blog once...


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  1. wasn't she just the most stunning bride? it was just such a beautiful and intimate wedding...sigh, an amazing weekend that went by too fast. And our friends are the still the same through all the marriages and babies - i love it! and you know you live for the laugh cry!
    miss you...


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