August 31, 2010

Harvest Moon

Thanks to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary yesterday. I wanted to share what I got for my husband for our anniversary. Since the second anniversary gift is traditionally cotton I got this idea to make something on canvas. I used to paint and draw a lot so my initial idea was to paint something to hang over our bed since our walls in our bedroom have absolutely nothing on them. Then I heard our first dance song on one of my playlists and it reminded me of how special and magical our first dance felt dancing under the stars and surrounded by family and friends.

So I contacted the incredible Kelly of Blush !nk (she did my blog design as well and is uber talented) to design a poster with the lyrics to our first dance song. She dealt with my many annoying changes and was able to get this back to me so fast! It was especially impressive since she is a brand new mommy and has an adorable baby. Here's what she came up with and I absolutely love it!

Design by Kelly @ Blush !nk. Sorry for the kinda crappy image - couldn't figure out how to get it to be not so high resolution :)

The actual print hasn't arrived yet from the company I ordered from but I'll post a picture when it does. In addition to this I got him a ton of new boxers and undershirts. I know random but he was in desperate need, he loves practical gifts and it was cotton. :)

I can't recommend Kelly enough for all your design needs. Oh and her blog is one of my favorites so make sure you head over there too...


August 30, 2010

Two years ago...

I married my best friend. Right now its about noon on the west coast and I bet Saddlerock Ranch and the mountains of Malibu are looking just as beautiful (and hot) as they did that day. I can still remember the rush of emotions and how anxious I was about everything. I was overwhelmed with the love and chaos of being surrounded by my closest family and friends. But then I walked down the aisle (the very very long aisle) with my parents on either side, and it all washed away when I saw you beaming at me. Well maybe not all of it washed away, but it certainly diminished. I stopped worrying about the flowers, the heat, our guests and remembered that this day was you and me joining together.

Its been almost 10 years since I've known you. 10 years of us building friendship, love and a life together. We've grown up together and so many of my life defining moments have and will occur with you by my side.

This year has certainly been for better and for worse. We've had many moments of sheer joy, happiness, contentment and that incredible comfortable feeling of knowing that your spouse is now your family. No matter what, they stick by you and there is something so gratifying and safe about that feeling that I would never trade for the butterflies in my stomach I had when I first met you. We've also lost so significantly in this year, have had many to the brink moments where I thought we may never return to normal. But we always do.

I can't thank you enough for being so supportive of me. For pushing me to be a better person and for challenging me to do better every day. You always pick me up and trust me I know there are many of those days when I come home from work cranky, change right into a giant t-shirt and sweats, plop on the couch and pick a fight. Even if I can't be cheered up, you know when to leave me alone and let me do my thing. There are so many days that I take you for granted and so today when I stop to really think about you and us, my heart really fills up with love, my eyes fill with tears and I feel as though I am going to explode.

Especially when we can go from this...

To this (wha wha! haha)...

I am so content to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my lobster and I will always love you.

P.S. - You still do give me butterflies...


August 23, 2010

I am a Shopping Addict

I have a shopping obsession. No matter how many shoes and clothes I have, I am never satisfied.

I go through this cycle of wanting, buying, feeling immediate guilt, using my new stuff and feeling happy and then repeat. I forget that I felt guilty and that I *just* bought a bunch of stuff and instantly want more. I'm such a consumer whore. For example, we went to Paris in June and we spent a ton of money on travel, food and shopping. Before we went, I went crazy shopping to prepare for Paris. I swore to my husband that I wouldn't buy anything for two months and eventually caved in a month later and broke my promise.

I think I learned this constant shopping habit from my Mom who is the ultimate shopper. She will travel to remote places with my Dad and still manage to take him on a 12 hour shopping trip in a remote village. I can't blame her though and regardless I need to get myself under control. I get especially tempted in the blogging world where all the fashion bloggers are showing off their new wardrobes, putting up links and being annoyingly cute in their 4" platforms and miniskirts that would never be work appropriate for me.

Any suggestions on how to kick the shopping habit? I'm debating deleting all my shopping (gilt, hautelook, ruelala) emails, not visiting fashion blogs and leaving my credit cards at home when I shop.

I know this is a random post. I'm swamped at work but then I remembered that I promised a giveaway and I'm only 2 posts from 100. So close! So I will be posting more this week I promise.


August 9, 2010

love the way you lie

I really like Eminem's music. He is an incredible rapper but I do recognize that his lyrics, points of view and just him in general are very questionable.

That being said, his new album is his best (although his first was pretty amazing too). I'm loving the song "Love the Way you Lie" (ft. Rihanna) which is popular on the radio. Also check out "No Love" (ft. Lil Wayne), "Won't Back Down" (ft. Pink), and "On Fire".

The video for Love the Way you Lie was recently released and its really intense, violent and raw - just like the song. It features Megan Fox (who seems too pretty for the role) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie from Lost) which are kinda random characters.

Maybe Eminem has changed his ways since he sobered up? Also I'm weird and obsessed with SYTYCD and definitely think a choreographed routine to this song would be amazing (Nappytabs style).

August 5, 2010

Quiet Little Voices

Another music recommendation from the husband. I am loving the Scottish indie rock band We Were Promised Jetpacks and find myself rocking out to "Quiet Little Voices" in the car a lot. Maybe even doing an embarrassing dance with it.

Another awesome song is Keeping Warm. No official video for it but I think its so beautiful. Go to 3:20 if you don't want to hear all the instrumental. Its kinda a crappy video of it so it doesn't do the song justice.

Enjoy! And if you have a thing for accents like I do then you will love this band even more.

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