June 3, 2010


We leave for Paris in 15 days (!!!) and I am beyond ready and excited. I just read this awesome post about what the author of the blog Chocolate & Zucchini would do with only 12 hours in Paris. This cheese shop sounds incredible:
{1:45pm} I'll drop by La Ferme Saint-Hubert to say hello -- Madame Voy is the sweetest shop owner you'll ever encounter -- and buy a few of their finely aged cheeses (say, a thirty-month-old comté, a reblochon, and a raw milk mothais) that they'll vacuum-pack for me.
More descriptions:
Basque cheeses are available here among a selection of a hundred French (and English) cheeses, as well as a famous type of Camembert made from fresh milk. The milk happens to be brought directly from farm every Friday ensuring its freshness – something which can only happen in Paris.
Vacuum pack incredibly fresh cheese so we can bring MORE home. Ridiculous.

I'll come home very fat but very happy.



  1. I am so jealous! Eat lots of cheese and macarons. Oh, if you're into cheese, you must read Immortal Milk by Eric LeMay, who is a former colleague of mine. It will make you so enthused about Parisian cheeses.

  2. oooh, we ate a lot of cheese in paris! we would just pick up a baguette and a variety of cheeses and go sit in a park and eat. you both are going to have so much fun! (eat some crepes too!) :)

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  4. Ohhhhh...cheese.... I told Mr. Shortcake that all I want for Christmas is as much cheese as we can afford. Take pictures, so that I might drool! :)


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