March 28, 2011

and then she dies...

Two months ago my husband got me hooked on a TV show on FX called Louie which is a show about the comedian Louie C.K.'s life mixed with his standup routines. He is the funniest comedian I have seen in a long time. His comedy is so so so inappropriate and hilarious and there is nothing safe or "pc" about his comedy. So if you are easily offended don't watch it. I've only seen the first season but I can't wait to catch up and watch the second season. We are going to see him in Newport, RI this summer and I'm already overexcited.

Louie CK standup on Cinnabon

So the title of the post comes from one of my favorite scenes when Louie is talking to his therapist about sex:

THERAPIST: Sex isn't complicated, it's simple. A man gets aroused. He puts his penis inside a woman's vagina. He ejaculates. And then she dies.

LOUIS: What?? And then she dies?

THERAPIST: No. I was thinking of something else.

The scene made me laugh cry hard. I know random post but I needed some cheer this Monday morning. Have a great week!

March 10, 2011

Definitely on the Right

One of my favorite blogs Elements of Style featured the most beautiful Mercedes ad and I couldn't resist re-posting some of the images. I am definitely a right brained girl and love creativity, feeling and art in any shape or form. I feel everything and agonize over everything. I am not practical, in control, or analytical so I don't know how I got into a job that forces me to be more left brained. I think in some ways the need to be more left brained has balanced my free spirited wishy washy ways and pushes me to see and understand different perspectives. But sometimes I can't help but wonder if I wouldn't be more successful and happy if I embraced my natural tendencies.

Visit Erin Gates' original post to see the left brained description. Which one are you? Does your career/life compliment your brain tendencies?

March 8, 2011

Advice on our New Ride

So as I mentioned yesterday, we are going to buy a new car between now and May (when we get to move in to our new house!). I grew up with Toyota brand cars but my husband is a Honda person. Right now we have an old Honda Civic that has been good to us and after driving our current car for the past 3 years, I agree that Honda brand cars are solid and reliable. I would also maybe lean towards Honda given the recalls with Toyota as of late. Or should we venture out more from Honda and Toyota? I drive a crap ton of rental cars and have noticed that Hyundai's are really nice cars and a decent amount cheaper.

Our criteria right now is a small SUV that is good on miles like the Honda CRV or Toyota Rav4. Wifeylifey has me seriously considering the Rav4 but I guess consumer reports rates the Honda CRV much higher than any other small SUV.

Honda CRV (image source)

2011 Toyota Rav4 (image source)

Hyundai Tucson (image source)

Hyundai Santa Fe (image source)

So I'd love some car advice. Any brands and models you would suggest? Any car features you think are necessary? I really want in car navigation but husband thinks its a total waste of money....

March 7, 2011

Where did February go?

First things first, I suck at keeping up with my blog. Lots has happened in the past month though....

We found a house, made an offer and it was accepted!!! Yay. After a few hurdles, we have officially signed a purchase and sale and are on our way to being the owners of an actual home! It will be kind of a shock to have no one living above or below us, more than one bathroom, a garage and for the first time in 10 years not be living in the middle of a big city. Granted, we are only 7 miles from Boston but with the traffic and roads here, that's about a 20 minute drive. Our official move to suburbia won't really change that much because to be honest I drive everywhere and rarely take the train downtown. My husband however can't walk to work anymore which means we have to buy a new car too. This is the most money I've ever spent in my entire life and the first time I will be owning a car (I never needed on in Boston or NYC and the one I drive now is officially my husbands) and property (current condo was my husbands before we got married).

So now that we've got a 4 bedroom house, its time to fill it with a baby or two. The trying to conceive game continues and I was loving Carly's post on the dreaded two week wait. The husband is in DC for the month so who knows how long this annoying little dance will be. I'm not going to lie, its been tough watching everyone around me get preggers in no time at all. The jealous, frustrated and angry part of me came out for a while and was just bitter about everything. I am getting over it though and realize that things happen for people at different times. You can't rush something as good as a baby and when we do have a baby it'll be extra special for us. Plus I still get to do things like indulge in wine, drink coffee, eat sushi and have some turkey sandwiches while I am at it. I know I'd give up all those things in a heartbeat for a baby but I am trying to stay positive after some very comforting advice from Shortie. Although Our Little Haus is no longer, Shortie recently started a new blog about trying to conceive, how to get pregnant and pregnancy after loss that is already one of my favorite blogs to read.

House, baby and work have been taking over life. Oh and the travel for work is getting OLD. I spent a week in San Diego last month which I know is annoying to complain about. But don't worry, it was rapidly followed up by a week long trip to rural Minnesota. Yup Minnesota in February is just no bueno. Can't switch jobs until we move to the new house though so to try and keep myself more calm and take charge of my health (the scale at the doctors office was a slap in the face!), I took a hot yoga class with my friends last night. It was hot and sweaty but very relaxing. Hey, if my friend's husband can do it and be all flexible then so can I.

Anyway, that's whats been going on with me lately. I've gotta think of a new name for a blog soon and I think make the transition over to wordpress. Any suggestions of names would be great since I don't think I want to start a blog called Life on (new street name).
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