May 26, 2010

Outside Living

We've lived in our apartment for almost 3 years now and I've been dying to do something with our deck. We got it rebuilt this year because it was falling apart and a safety hazard. At one point I had to step around the giant gaping holes in our deck so I didn't fall through.

So now that it's rebuilt (thanks to Miriam for the contractor rec), I have been obsessed with getting some furniture for the deck. I stopped by Ikea on my way home from work this week to get some plants so it wouldn't look so sterile and stumbled across a cute wooden outdoor set for only $150 (its the Tullero set). I was obsessed with getting it right then and there even though I was alone and that box was damn heavy. A car full of guys helped me get the box in my car after they saw me attempting to push the stupid thing in our little Honda Civic alone. In heels. I am dumb. It was worth it though because here are the initial results and we can finally grill and eat outside!
Two new chairs with our solar deck lights that I stupidly paid way too much money for.
Our new plants and solar globe lights also from Ikea (Solig lights). I only bought two plants for now because I manage to kill all plants we buy and I want to see if I can keep these guys alive before I get more. Eventually I want to get a ton of plants but I'm not sure what types do well in the Boston summer heat.

I know it looks funny now but we wanted to see what it would look like if we strung the globe lights all around our deck rails. We like it so I just need to go out and buy a couple more strands.

Our bench and table (that come with the two chairs in the first picture).

Also, thanks to my husband who installed a screen/storm door while I was gone last week for work.

View from the inside. Excuse the blurriness, this was taken before we figured out how to use our new Nikon D5000. You can get a glimpse of our newly hung up Ork Toronto Poster too in the left corner.

Do you have an outdoor space to enjoy the summer? Are you lazy like us and it takes you three years to cross things off your to do list?



  1. I spotted the Toronto poster before you even mentioned it! What's your connection to the city?

  2. @haliwood - my husband is from canada a little outside of toronto. :) i see that you are from nova scotia - my mother in law grew up there :)

  3. oh nice! now you can have a sweet summer party on your deck! or it would be so nice to sit out there and have dinner. :)

  4. Ooh. That furniture is exactly what I'm looking for! I'm going to go get it tomorrow!

    Was it difficult to assemble?

  5. @MrsHC - actually my husband and our friend assembled it and started before I got home from work. I did see the last part of the assembly and it didn't seem too hard. They had it up within an hour (you have to put together the table, two chairs and bench).

  6. Gorgeous! Love the results. I wish we had outdoor space!!


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