May 13, 2010

long and wavy

I just trimmed my hair and although its still pretty long, I'm lusting after mermaid like, looooong wavy locks like these. Oh and please excuse the excessive references to the city and the hills in this post.

Okay this first one isn't that long but I like her contrasting highlights and waves

Always love LC's hair...

And Oliva's too (even if she is a biatch). Loving her dark chestnut hair this season more than the blonde...
But my favorite is Whitney's

I am loving both Whitney and Oliva's hair on The City this season. I know I should probably stop watching shows like The City and The Hills but sometimes I just need mindless entertainment.

I'm obsessed with that necklace too.



  1. That necklace would look way better on you than it does on her! I love the wavy hair too- too bad my hair won't hold a curl.

  2. oh i dream about all of their hair - what do they do?? i need to know the secret. rollers? a great curling iron? a great stylist? i wish i could watch them do their hair in the morning...Whiteny's is my fav, followed by Olivia's and then Lauren's.
    P.S. Why do I still obsessively dvr and watch the hills and the city?


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