May 5, 2010

be kind to yourself

I took my first pilates class at Boston Pilates yesterday and I absolutely loved it. I've done the Winsor Pilates videos but its just not quite the same thing as taking a class with an instructor who can encourage you and tell you when you aren't doing things quite right. Also apparently there is a difference between Winsor Pilates which is a west coast thing and the pilates class I am taking which is east coast pilates. I don't know the difference but both are pretty awesome.

I signed up for classes for the next 5 Sundays and I am extremely excited to have something regular and scheduled in my life. Yesterday as my instructor was showing me how to use one of the machines, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and freaked out. I felt sick at how much weight I've gained since I started working 4 years ago. As a student I had so much free time to exercise, cook healthy meals and be active. Since I started working and traveling so frequently, I've become lazy and stopped working out regularly. I indulge far to frequently and don't compensate by working out.

I am always thinking of random crazy things to do to lose weight from diets that I don't stick to or aggressive work outs that only last for a few days. And like every other woman, my weight fluctuates but no matter what my weight is, I have days where I think I look great and days where I beat myself up for getting so fat and feel horrible. I'm trying very hard to stop those bad days where I beat myself up. Part of it means that I need to take control of my health by eating better and making exercise a priority. Part of it means giving myself a break and being proud and confident.

Or maybe I should just get this shirt and sport it on days when I don't feel that great. Seriously who the hell would buy this?

How do you deal with body image issues?

Also I stumbled across Dana's (TheBrokeAssBride) friend's blog - Bikini By 30. Its a very inspiring story of a woman who is aiming to become fit and proud to sport a bikini before her 30th birthday.



  1. I don't do a very good job with managing my body image issues, but I try to remember how much better I feel mentally and physically when I'm in a work out routine. Right now, the extra weight is really tough just because I'm reminded daily of how it's there because of my clothes not fitting. So I compensate by making sure what I wear looks great and I look fresh and polished with makeup every day.

  2. I applaud the person who can feel great in a bikini- or any bathing suit at all. No matter my size, I will never feel comfortable showing that amount of my skin. I am amazed by anyone who has the self confidence to show off who they are.

  3. Is that the Boston Pilates right down the street from my house? (The one in the same bldg. as Bukhara?) I've been thinking about restarting reformer classes, though I've been investing in dance classes so it might be a while before I can do something else. Let me know how it goes!!

  4. @MrsHC - Yes it is!! Come with me on Sunday's @ noon - there is still one more spot left.

    @BruinChiq - I actually think that doing my hair and make up every day makes me feel a million times better too.

    @Lisa - I will probably always be the same way and constantly feel uncomfortable but I'm trying.


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