April 13, 2010

Recent snack obsessions

When I travel for work I almost always stop in one of the book/magazine stores or Starbucks for a treat. I've come across some new snacks that I am absolutely obsessed with and aren't bad for you.

Kind Bars are all natural, gluten and wheat free and most are dairy free as well. They are pretty filling and sorta taste like dessert.

The fruit and nut one is one of my favorites but if you are feeling like something sweet go for the Sesame & Peanuts with Chocolate. Its kinda of ridiculous and amazing and may make you lick chocolate off of your fingers on a very crowded plane. Not that I do that because its disgusting.

I'm also loving peeled snacks. They are essentially just peeled dried fruit with no added anything. They also have fruit and nut mixes but I've never tried them. The "much ado about Mango" pack is by far my favorite. I could eat these packs all day long and each pack is only 120 calories so you don't feel guilty eating them.

What are some of your favorite snacks? Also don't think that I'm some kind of health nut - I chow down on gummi bears, chocolate and french fries far too often.


  1. that sesame and peanuts bar looks amazing. and the fruit and nut one too. where do you buy them? airport? i wonder where else they are sold. i may have to go check out trader joes and whole foods...my snacking item that i'm still mildy obsessed with is goldfish. i know its totally random, but they really are so good...

  2. yumm...this look good! Starbucks is giving away free coffee today in honor of tax day! Thanks for visiting my blog!



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