February 15, 2010

i just want things to work properly too!

For the past two years we've been using a little hand vacuum to keep our carpets clean. We have mostly hardwood floors so we thought it wouldn't be an issue. Well our little hand vacuum couldn't handle the copious amounts of hair that I shed and just kinda died on us. So yesterday I went to Macy's and used some of our wedding giftcards to buy us a...Dyson!

I got theDC25 All Floors Vacuum. Its pretty lightweight and the ball design really does make it easier to maneuver. I've been wanting one for ages but the price just seemed way too steep. They were on sale at Macy's for president's day weekend though ($400 versus $500) and I got an additional 10% discount from my old wedding registry!

Sweet sweet Dyson. This thing works wonders and sucked up an entire cylinder worth of disgusting dirt. I was freaked out and amazed at the same time.

If you can spare $400 get one! They are incredible!

*This isn't a paid endorsement (I wish it was though!)



  1. OMG! SO jealous! I am a vacuum fanatic. I vacuum twice a freaking day. Right now we only have a cheapie Eureka, but I have always wanted a Dyson Ball. We're still saving up!

  2. SWEET! I wanted one so badly but it was just too expensive so we ended up getting a cheapo Eureka vacuum. It works well, but I can only dream of how amazing the dyson is. Sigh. Maybe we can have a vacuuming party when I come! haha


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