February 12, 2010

excited for the weekend! (accurate but lame title post sorry)

I'm so happy its the weekend for so many reasons....

Lost! I'm obsessed. In a serious lapse of judgement (which happens often lately) I decided to start watching Lost. There are 23-25 one hour episodes in a season and 5 seasons! I'm ridiculous. I'm on season 3 if that tells you anything about how many Netflix Lost episodes I've watched.
To be fair though, I do other things when I'm watching them but I'll admit I have a problem.

Also, we are going to fancy romantic valentines day dinner at L'Espalier in Boston. This restaurant has amazing French food with an emphasis on New England ingredients. They have a vegetarian menu that tastes incredible (which is a big deal for high end restaurants) and the best cheese board I've ever tasted. They actually have a cheese program and fromager! I love me some cheese and their cheese is a mind blowing experience. It is crazy expensive so I'm excited for our rare little treat.

I bought tulips just for the heck of it at Trader Joes this week and they brighten up my day every time I see them. I love buying myself flowers. The pictures were taken with my phone so excuse the quality and the empty thing of sugar (me and my cookie baking).

And finally I convinced my husband to help me paint the kitchen this weekend and finally get some artwork on the walls of our "dining room". I'm thinking about a rich gold color to compliment the mocha color in our living room

Colors are Benjamin Moore

Any fun weekend plans?



  1. We started watching Lost in July and finished about 2 months ago, so I know exactly how much Lost you're watching! Hopefully you'll catch up so you can see the series finally on TV :)

  2. We watched Lost the same way and I think it's better that way. I like not having to wait and kicking out 5 episodes as opposed to one, per night. Don't get discouraged with season 4... it was my least favorite... but season 5 is crazy and this current season 6 is just insane! I heart Lost


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