February 9, 2010

chocolate, cookie dough and champagne photo shoot

Sarah Rhoads Photographers are photographers (husband and wife) based out of Seattle and they are uber talented. They have one of my all time favorite photography blogs and create art that is thoughtful and unique. Tall or short, fat or skinny, human or landscape - they really find beauty in all the subjects they capture. I fell in love with photography blogs while planning my wedding. Their site has remained on my reading list because they cover so much more than weddings.

I saw this on their blog today and started drooling immediately. I mean combine their actual art with candy, chocolate and baked goods and you have perfection.

Oh and did you see that cute polka dot apron?! Adorable.

*all pictures via Sarah Rhoads Blog



  1. Wow, those are GREAT! Thx for sharing, I've got a list of photogs that I'm bookmarking, for you know, future reference ;) I def like this style! Very magazine editorialish!

  2. can i please have a chunk of cookie dough?

  3. What a great photoshoot!
    P.S. I have that apron, but in full (not demi) it's from Anthro :)


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