February 8, 2010

Charmi and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Sorry I've been a bad blogger this week. I didn't even come close to my 5 blog posts/week goal this last week. Lets see what have I been up to...

Travel. A LOT of travel. Its out of control. Here's my horror story that made me feel like a way less sexy version of George Clooney in Up in the Air.

He's so attractive. Even when he looks like he does below...

Two weeks ago I went out to California to work as per usual. I left Boston at 6am (so had to get up around 3:45am) and got to San Francisco at 10:30am. From there I had a 12:30pm flight to LA for a meeting at 3:30pm. It was a big deal that I made this meeting in LA because I missed the last one and it caused all sorts of chaos.

Of course the flight was delayed and didn't leave SF until about 2:20pm. Oh and it was one of those little airplanes that needs to be weight balanced and is all kinds of scary to be in. I landed at 3:20pm, ran to the car rental place and I'm waiting in line to leave the lot. This rental car check out lady was the slowest and most annoying person ever. She kept dropping things and shuffling through papers and the entire time I'm tapping my fingers on the steering wheel like the asshole that I am and telling her I'm really late and NEED to leave. I was ready to get out of the car and kill her. I contained myself and when I finally got out of the lot, I drove 100mph to get to the meeting and made it only 5 minutes late. It felt like a miracle that I made it and I figured things were all good again.

After the meeting, I booked it back to the airport to make it back to SF because I had a meeting in Napa, CA the next morning at 8am. I check in and the airline counter lady asks to verify my ID. I'm start looking...and looking. No ID. I'm kinda panicking and then I remember that in my psycho rental car rage I threw my license on the car seat and forgot it there. Perfect. Just perfect.

The lady at the airline counter is not sweating this at all though. She tells me its no big deal and that I will be able to get through with my credit card. Say what? I tried to argue but then she said it was the last flight to SF that night and I couldn't miss it. I was just too tired to fight it. I went to security and showed them my work ID and credit card and they let me through! CRAZY and extremely disturbing.

After I got through security, I called the rental car company and had them overnight ship my ID to my hotel in Napa. Then I called my husband who was in shock over the security line and ID situation. He swears because I'm a young girl and if he pulled that they would have full body frisked him and locked him up. I guess his perma 5 o'clock shadow, dark skin and unruly hair wouldn't have helped him in my situation. Anyway, I digress...(yes the story continues but its almost over I promise).

So I get on the flight, completely pass out and wake up all disoriented in SF. I get to my second rental car place of the day and they upgrade me to this brand new pimped out SUV. I'm thinking my luck really is turning around. Then I get to the agent to show them my ID.... OH RIGHT! My STUPID ID. I tell him I don't have it. I promise I'll get it tomorrow. My eyes are watering which just makes him nervous. He doesn't want me crying in front of him so he calls his manager and tries to muster a sorry little smile. I wait for about 10 minutes and the manager finally shows up. She's actually being nice and says she will let me go but just has to look up my license number in the system. I start to feel entitled relief. I mean I've rented at this company twice a month, every single month for four years. I figured they would definitely cut me a break.

I was so wrong. The manager comes back and says they absolutely won't let me take the car without a license on my person. I pretty much just lose it at this point. I've been up for about 24 hours and I cannot stop crying. The manager starts to feel bad for me and keeps telling me that someone will drive me back to the airport and I can take a shuttle or cab. A freaking cab to Napa which is about 80 miles away.

So eventually some rental car dude drives me to the airport while I'm still crying. He really doesn't know what to make of me and is trying to say comforting things but I can't get it together. After I was dropped off I ended up calling for some private car to drive me to Napa. Big pimpin' style except I was anything but that at this point.
$250 later I get to my hotel, sit in my bed and feel relieved. Then I realize that I have a big meeting in less than 7 hours, still have work to do and have to get back on a f*ing plane in three days.

So that's part of why I've been a bad blogger. And a bad wife, daughter, sister, friend, etc.

Okay I'll stop whining now :) If you actually read all that, I apologize for my verbal diarrhea and my sorry grammar skills. I promise I'll get back to a more happy post tomorrow :)



  1. Ugh, Charmi. What a total nightmare. Glad you're home safe!

  2. :( YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME!!! But at least I got to see you on my bday? The flowers are still doing well and making the apt smell amazing!

  3. Ugg, what a nightmare! I'm so sorry you had such a stressful experience :(

  4. oh my gosh I had a furrowed sad brow during that entire post- you poor, poor thing. That sounds terrible! Sending big hugs your way charmi!

  5. Man, I hate when stuff like that happen. Such a hassle. Seems like you were able to pull things together despite all that you had to go through! I loved Up in the Air, btw. Such a great film. Also, thanks for all your sweet, sweet comments! Hope things are better this week for you! xo


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