January 12, 2010

dogs need their teeth cleaned too! my random story...

I should be working. I have a butt load of stuff to do and I'm flying to California tomorrow for three days. Coming back Saturday and pretty much working until Thursday. UGH. But no one wants to hear about work and travel and how much I'm starting to loathe the 5-6 hour flight to California.

So on to my story...While we were in Sri Lanka, my husband was reading the book Running in the Family by Michael Ondaatje which is a memoir of the author's life growing up in Sri Lanka. I haven't read it yet but have glanced at a few pages and it got me thinking that there are SO many stories and so much history that I want to capture while I still can about my family, my heritage and Sri Lanka. Seriously, I found out that my great grandmother's name was Alice just the other day when I was talking to my mom. I don't even have a clue what my Dad's parents names are since they passed away when I was very little.

In a totally roundabout way things brings me to a story about my childhood that I completely forgot about. We were at my Dad's 70th birthday and one of his closest friends told my husband this story about how when I was four years old they caught me brushing my teeth in the bathroom and then using the same toothbrush to brush my dog's teeth. Apparently I'd watch my Mom brush my dogs teeth (she LOVED him and treated him like her baby) and so I thought I'd do the same. Just with my toothbrush because I'm gross. My husband was laughing and also not excited to ever kiss me again after that.

Although this isn't really the poignant story you might want to capture in a memoir these are the ones that keep me laughing and I want to remember all of them. At some point I'd love to put together a family tree but also just a collection of random family stories so they don't get lost somewhere down the line.

How do you keep track of family legacy, stories, etc.?



  1. What a cute story and a great idea to keep those stories. My Mom's Mom used to write jot down in a journal all the cute things my sister and I did and said. When she passed it was a wonderful gift to be able to go back and read what she's written about us :)

    Where in CA will you 'bee'?

  2. I really enjoy Running in the Family. Unfortunately we haven't done much to document our family history. My mom attempted to write down everything in a family book when she was younger but it didn't continue. Something to think about starting up especially while my grandmothers are still alive.

  3. Running in the family was awesome!

  4. @Ali I'll be in Napa mostly but will also be in Fontana (ugh) for a day. Hopefully next time I'll get to come closer to the OC

  5. HAHAHA. hilarious. There's an online site my dad and uncles started called Geni in which you put in your family's info, and ours has branched out so much that there are so many names in our extended family I have never even heard about. Kind of cool to see it. As for stories, we had these same thoughts around my wedding time when my grandparents were reminiscing, so we asked my grandfather to write down the story of their lives, and random stories he remembers about my dad and uncles from when they were kids...so he is currently doing so. And apparently has quite the collection going. Next time they come back to the US, we're trying to do a family reunion and we're going to go through all of these!
    p.s. you're gonna be up here this week??? Will we see you?


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