January 6, 2010

Birthday Snail Mail

In keeping with my resolution to try and keep in touch with friends and family more often I joined Jack Cards. Basically you import all your contacts from email and put in birthdays, anniversaries or whatever. Then it reminds you when they are coming up and you can order a greeting card which is then mailed to you (immediately, two weeks or four weeks before the event). You can opt to have them pre-addressed and stamped so all you have to do is write the card and drop it in the mail.

I LOVE getting cards in the mail and really anything thats not a bill or junk mail. I'm gonna try and go back to snail mail over facebook and email. Thoughtful, simple, and inexpensive :)

They even have cute cards like these:

This one is a card and a pirate hat!

Inside this one it says "you're still a fox"

Would you use this service or just rely on emails or even just going out to the store and getting cards yourself?


  1. i am old fashioned...i still go to the store a buy bday cards. i don't know why, but i love doing this, and i try to always send cards in the mail...i LOVE getting them, so I figure others must too.

  2. That a GREAT idea! I think I might sign-up. I LOVE getting cards in the mail (Christmas was really fun!) :)


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