September 7, 2009

impulse buy: leggings

I was shopping for a whole bunch of gifts (husband's grandmother's 70th bday, in law's 30th anniversary, sis in laws bday, etc) and clearly I couldn't leave without doing some shopping for myself. One of my many bad habits is that I impulse buy a lot and return often. I bought these black ankle zip leggings from Macy's by Kensie.

Problem is that I don't know if I can pull off leggings. I don't have super skinny legs. Not even close. I'm thinking that I wouldn't ever wear them without something longish over them to cover my butt. I also think they could be cute with boots for the fall.

Also, it gives me a crazy flashback to 5th grade where my daily uniform was usually leggings with some sort of oversized tshirt or sweatshirt or both. I don't know if thats a good thing.....

What do you guys think, do I keep them?



  1. It's not 5th grade unless the pants have stirrups and you pair them with Keds. Oh, and I vote you can wear them with something long and boots. I don't really understand the girls who wear leggings as pants- I'm always seeing more of them than I care to.

  2. KEEP THEM! I also don't have skinny legs, but I LOVE my leggings. And I only wear them with really long tops that are technically dresses and could be worn alone but I am too self conscious to do pair it with leggings and you're set! And I actually love the zipper - I've never seen that before. so cute! I think you could pair it with a top and flip flops and look really's still summer time...don't pull out the boots yet...


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