August 26, 2009

Veggie Sushi Bowl

I was craving sushi the other night but my husband really doesn't like sushi. Also, we've been trying to cut back a bit on spending since we bought our tickets to India/Sri Lanka and are trying to get our back deck repaired. Plus I want a puppy! Anyway, I found this recipe on 101 Cookooks and saw it again on My Daily Bread (a food blog from one of my favorite fashion bloggers What I Wore).

I didn't really follow any recipe but here's what I did.

1.) Cook brown rice. I bought Uncle Bens brown rice and make it on the stovetop in 10 minutes. This would be good with white rice too.
2.) Heat a sheet of nori (seaweed) in a dry pan and then cut up into slices.
2.) Sautee tofu. I bought pre-diced extra firm tofu cubes but you could do this with regular extra firm tofu and just dice it up yourself. I didn't use any oil according to the 101 cookbooks recipe and it turned out just fine. Just make sure you use a non stick pan.
3.) Add veggies. I bought frozen broccoli, frozen edamame and shitake mushrooms and tossed those all in over the tofu. Then added a bunch of soy sauce, some rice vinegar, a little salt and black pepper and some chilli powder for kick. I left this to cook for a while to let the flavors soaked in. Right before serving I threw the nori slices in there to mix with the veggies.
4.) Cut avocado into slices.
5.) Assemble your bowl. Start with brown rice on the bottom, put a heavy heaping of your veggies and tofu and then spread a nice pretty layer of avocado slices. Then top it all off with some toasted sesame seeds.

My husband saw the bowl and actually said "Am I allowed to eat this? It looks too pretty." followed by "Do you want to take pictures of this for your blog?". Haha. I would have but our camera is broken so I leave you with a picture from 101 Cookbooks and My Daily Bread.

My Daily Bread - Vegetarian Sushi Bowl
101 Cookbooks - Sushi Bowl Recipe

My friend Sangeetha's husband also doesn't like sushi and really needs meat in all his meals. I think you can do this same recipe and just substitute the tofu with diced chicken.



  1. this looks so yummy - i've been thinking about it since you told me about it and actually bought all the ingredients to make it! i bought chicken instead of tofu and am trying to debate whether to just cook it like you did the tofu (w/ just soy sauce, rice vinegar, salt, and pepper) or whether to cook the chicken separately with teriyaki sauce and then mix it with all the veggies. what do you think?


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