August 24, 2009

Jeans for a booty

Last year I bought Joe's Jeans in Provacateur fit and immediately fell in love. They were the most comfortable jeans ever. Seriously. I have thighs and a butt but a small waist in comparison plus I'm only 5"3 so finding jeans that fit is very hard.

This is the style and wash I bought them in from Nordstroms. This wash is specifically the most comfortable (the lightest one - Jolie). I know this because I bought them in a darker wash also and they aren't nearly as stretchy and soft.
Sadly I wore them so much that I wore holes in the thighs. Haha. I'd totally wear them still but I think the hole is a little too close to the crotch area for comfort (in public anyways).

So last Thursday I went out to Bloomingdales (I had some giftcards there) in search of the exact same pair but they didn't have them. I tried on literally 20 pairs of jeans and came out with two favorites. Paige Premium Jeans in Laurel Canyon and Joe's Jeans in Honey. The Paige jeans fit great but they are super low rise. I think too much butt crack would be exposed when I sat down so I went with the Honeys. They fit really nicely but I had to get three inches removed because they didn't come in petite. They are specifically made for a "voluptuous silhoutte" and are fitted at the waist.

Joe's Honey Jeans in Ryder wash ($168 but I got them for 20% off):
Now that I'm looking at this picture I'm wondering if the change in color from the butt to the thighs will draw too much attention to an area I like to minimize.

What are your favorite jeans? Any suggestions for girls with curves?


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