June 4, 2009

Shopping Fever

I have gotten hooked to fashion blogs (What I WoreThe Sartorialist, etc) as of late and its really making my shopping addiction come back in a big time way.  I really don't have much money to be spending but I like pairing expensive pieces with clothes and accessories from stores like Payless, Target, thrift stores, etc.  Plus I need to start experimenting more with my current wardrobe to come up with new looks.

Check out these really great pieces from Simply Vera at Kohls.  They aren't dirt cheap like old navy, H&M and Target items but cute and more unique.

cute strappy flat sandals $60 (still a bit pricey)
Chunky flower necklace - on sale for $27
Strappy heels - on sale for $42
Awesome classic purse - $65.40

On a side note, I went to Target today on a mission to get some Bermuda shorts for our golfing trip in Miami this weekend.   I've avoided wearing shorts since the age of 12.  I loathe my weirdly thick/muscular legs.  Bermuda shorts always seemed weird to me too, even if they were down to the knees.  I caved in an bought a black pair from Target for $20:

I honestly don't think they look horrible on me - I'll post some pictures when we get back from Miami.  I'm not quite sure what to wear these with for non-golfing activities.  I'm thinking a tank like this...

plus lots of bracelets

and some high wedges (i already own the ones pictured below) or cute colorful flats
oohh the possibilities...


1 comment:

  1. i bought black bermudas from target too!!! you are my soulmate! :)
    i really like that purse! such a great deal too...oh the temptation...too bad bad i can't buy anything right now!


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