December 5, 2011

Favorite Pregnancy/Parenting Reads

My due date is today and I'm still pregnant. I am giant and extremely cranky and spend a lot of time begging the baby to come out and whining about how much I'm sick of being pregnant.  I really am SO sick of being pregnant.  I want to be able to feel my fingers again, to not have to use all my effort to get out of bed, to sleep on my stomach and to finally meet my sweet baby.  Oh and finally know if I've been growing a son or a daughter all this time.

Also I'm uber prepared.  I've spent the past few weeks organizing, cleaning and buying everything we could possibly need for this baby.  I am also now working from home and already wrapped up almost everything last week so really now I'm just bored and anxious.  I spent the day sitting on my ass, watching Harry Potter and feeling irritated that nothing was happening.  My mom is coming in town tomorrow evening so at least I'll have some company and someone to make me delicious Sri Lankan food.

Anyway, I figured since it has been ages since I wrote a post, I would write some of my favorite reads throughout this pregnancy.

Pregnancy Blogs/Websites:

  • Lucie's List - a survival guide for new moms, baby registry basics, plus you can sign up for funny, useful weekly tips and advice.
  • Baby center, The Bump, What to Expect When Expecting - these sites will all email you weekly about your baby's development, tips, etc.  I signed up for all three which is kind of annoying towards the end.  Choose 1-2 and go from there.
Mom/Parenting Blogs/Websites:


  • Kellymom - awesome advice and information on breastfeeding, sleep and parenting.  Highly recommend reading this in your third trimester.
  • The Zhukeepers - Great advice from a lovely weddingbee mommy


  • Guide to Natural Childbirth - Ina May Gaskin.  This book wasn't necessarily my cup of tea but then again I am pretty sure I want an epidural and believe in modern medicine.  Also I don't really believe that a euphoric/sexual childbirth exists.  I mean pushing 5-10lbs through my lady parts just isn't something I think I'll enjoy.  That being said, it is useful for giving you lots of birth stories and not spinning birth in such a negative way.  Childbirth is something women were made to do and many women don't need a lot of interventions to have a healthy baby.  I don't think birth has to be the horrific nightmare that people love go on and on about.  Why women like to tell you awful things about their own labors when you are pregnant is beyond me.  Yes I know its going to hurt - I don't need to hear about your 4th degree tear and how things just aren't the same down below. I ramble but read this if you are curious about natural childbirth.
  • What to Expect When Expecting - Heidi Murkoff - This book I found to be really annoying and presents WAY too many scenarios.  I don't need to know what to do if I was on crack before I realized I was pregnant thank you.
  • Brain Rules For Baby - Written by a molecular biologist this book is about scientific research on how to raise a smart and happy child from pregnancy through 5 yrs of age.  I listened to this on audiobook and it was interesting and somewhat useful.
  • Baby Bargains - Great book about necessities for a newborn, and tips to save on all the many many baby related items you will have to purchase.

IPhone App:

  • Baby Bump - Great iphone app that gives you daily and weekly updates, has some great boards and features like kick counters, contraction timers, baby names, etc

Nursery Inspiration:

Oh and definitely sign up for Amazon Mom - its sweet and you get prime membership for up to 9 months for free!

Those are the blogs, websites and books I can remember for now.  I did do a lot of pregnancy reading by going through former weddingbee girls who were TTC, prego or a mom - you can find them listed on Bee in the Pod.  Some of my favorites are Geek in Heels,  Oh Apostrophe, and OMG...I'm a Mom.

Hope this was somewhat helpful.  It helped me focus on something besides going into labor so at least there is that. Also feel free to comment with great blogs, books, etc that I might have missed. :)


  1. hang in there! soon you'll have a precious little baby and it will all be worth it! :)

  2. Aw thanks for the sweet shout out! I can't wait to see that baby of yours! Try to relax and enjoy these last few moments before he/she turns your world upside down in the most wonderful way :)


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