June 23, 2011


So this isn't really a post so much as a ode to donuts and churros. Holy crap doesn't this look incredible?

I don't honestly know if its pregnancy cravings or just that I have a crazy sweet tooth but I could eat all of those churros for breakfast. Daily.

And just to make this more of a pregnancy post and not just a picture of churros here is a picture of me at 15 weeks, 6 days. Excuse the horrible picture and the lack of makeup. I didn't take any belly pics weeks 1-12 out of fear that things wouldn't go well. Now I don't take any because I'm lazy and have been feeling pretty large and in charge these days.

More real and substantive posts to come soon.


  1. You and that baby bump are GORGEOUS!!! SO SO excited! :) and now i want to eat a bucket of churros in addition to my donut obsession.

  2. You look fabulous! And yup, I'm basically craving churros now :)

  3. Am I allowed to binge with you??? :) you look absolutely fabulous my dear!!! The glow is so all over you!

  4. You look amazing!!! Can't wait to meet little Churro Pandey!

  5. You look so beautiful!! And even though I'm not pregnant- I will eat daily breakfast churros with you :)

  6. OMG!! You are so freakin cute and now I want a churro. I've been trying to take weekly pictures- and honestly, they are kinda a pain in the butt.


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