August 9, 2010

love the way you lie

I really like Eminem's music. He is an incredible rapper but I do recognize that his lyrics, points of view and just him in general are very questionable.

That being said, his new album is his best (although his first was pretty amazing too). I'm loving the song "Love the Way you Lie" (ft. Rihanna) which is popular on the radio. Also check out "No Love" (ft. Lil Wayne), "Won't Back Down" (ft. Pink), and "On Fire".

The video for Love the Way you Lie was recently released and its really intense, violent and raw - just like the song. It features Megan Fox (who seems too pretty for the role) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie from Lost) which are kinda random characters.

Maybe Eminem has changed his ways since he sobered up? Also I'm weird and obsessed with SYTYCD and definitely think a choreographed routine to this song would be amazing (Nappytabs style).


  1. OMG! A Nappy Tabs routine to this song would be amazing. I really hope they cook something up with it before the end of the season. =( You're right though - Eminem is totally questionable.

  2. In an effort to win the Emmy, Tice will probably turn it into a weepy, sentimental routine about domestic violence.

    Speaking of which, what's up with Rhianna doing a song that seems to glorify dv?

  3. eminem would be so mad if he read this

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