June 29, 2010

tattoo lust

I have always wanted a tattoo but I've been too nervous to get one. I get sick of things pretty quickly so I don't know that I could ever choose a design that I would love for forever. I don't even know where on my body I would get one (it would have to be somewhere no one could see) and also maybe I'm getting too old for one. I do find them incredibly sexy on other people though.

I stumbled across Tattoologist earlier today and have wasted way too much time today looking at some glorious tattoos...

all images via Tattoologist

Would you ever get a tattoo? What would you get? If I got one now, I think I'd get a dharma wheel somewhere.



  1. seeing this post in my reader was all it took to rekindle my desire for another tattoo! Love the birds behind the ear!

  2. the birds are so cool! i always wanted an "om", but don't know where i would even put it. and always worry that i would regret it. i still want one, but know i would never really do it.
    remember when my friends were getting tattoos and we were too chicken to get them so we thought we would be so cool and get another ear piercing...haha.

  3. I have always wanted a tattoo, but like you I just can't fathom finding a design that I'd want on me forever. I guess it's good since tats are taboo in both Jewish and Chinese cultures, and I'd never hear the end of it from both sides of the fam.

  4. I can completely empathize. I'm in the "I would love a tattoo, but have no clue about the what and where". Love the site- so many great ideas for body art!!


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