February 23, 2010

Music Find: Joanna Newsom

Idiscovered Joanna Newsom on NPR music and I really love her music so far. I've only listened to a few songs but I'm hooked. Her lyrics are smart, witty and beautifully written with intricate and well thought instrumentation. Her voice is ethereal, folksy and really captivating. She's a harpist, pianist and singer/songwriter from California and definitely worth a listen.

I tried the song Baby Bird first following NPR's recommendation...

But I really love this one too...

If you are interested, you can listen to the full album by going to the NPR article or below:




  1. yay! I heard her on npr too. I spent a lot of the morning listening to her voice- I find it so haunting. Something about her falsetto reminds me of Ani Difranco- did you hear any of that in her voice?

  2. i heard her too! you're right, her voice is so captivating. and btw, I love that we all like npr podcasts. :)


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