January 3, 2010

Resolutions and lots of rambling

Happy new year! I can't believe its 2010 already. 2009 flew by as does every other year and I can't stop thinking about all the things I want to start doing in the new year.

I just got back from Sri Lanka and India and read a few books during those long almost 20 hour flights. One of the books I read was the "Julie and Julia" book which I'm sure you all have heard about (you all being the few readers I have (Sachin and Sangeetha)). If not, its about this woman Julie who decides to change her life and stick to something by cooking all 524 recipes in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. So to be totally obvious and lame, the book make me really want to be more creative and to actually spend my time doing things that could make me a happier and hopefully more productive person.

See my usual day goes down like this:

6:00am - Wake up very crankily. Try to snooze for a while and avoid actually waking up.
6:20am - Finally get in the shower, blow dry my hair, put on my makeup, figure out what I want to wear and grab something to eat in the car
7:30/8:00am - Leave for work. This departure time varies depending on how lazy and slow I'm feeling while getting ready
8:30am/9:00am - Arrive at work. God I hate my commute sometimes. At least if the drive was pretty it wouldn't be so bad, but driving to Raynham, MA is anything but.
5:00-6:00pm - Leave work.
6:00-7:00pm - Get home. Assuming I don't stop for groceries or to pick up my husband or get him dinner to drop off at the hospital while he's on call.
7:00pm-12:00am - Change immediately into sweat pants, cook dinner or heat up some lame frozen dinner. On rare occasions attempt to work out but usually just waste away on the couch while watching tv. Eventually I fall asleep on couch and then get irrationally and extremely pissed off when my husband tries to wake me up to take my contacts out and go to bed.

And repeat every day. Unless I'm traveling for work which happens about 2 weeks in a month. I'm a lazy lazy bum. The travel adds to my laziness. I just feel so tired by the time I get back from work that I cannot get myself to do anything. But its no excuse. I mean people have children and families to take care of when they get home from work and they manage that just fine. People actually DO things and don't just waste away in front of the tv.

So here are some things I'd like to start doing in 2010 with my life:
  1. Work out regularly at least 4 times a week for an hour at a time if possible. I think this means I'll have to do this right after work because I know I won't do it before work and if I come home and sit for even a minute I won't get up again.
  2. Eat healthy. Less cheese and chocolate.
  3. Lose weight. This goes together with #1 and #2. I'm seriously so uncomfortable in my own skin. I have some days where I feel great about how I look. I feel sexy and confident. But honestly, many many days I just feel like a fat monster. I know I'm not a fat monster but I could stand to lose 10-15 lbs. I'm short and I shouldn't weigh as much as I do. Plus I want to feel good about myself and look good in the ridiculous amount of clothes I have. My weight has gone up and down a lot in the past 10 years. I have weighed 20 lbs less than I weigh now and 15 lbs more than I weigh now. That's probably not healthy.
  4. Get creative. I used to take pictures, draw, paint and be generally artistic but I haven't done much in the past 2 years. I want to get back into drawing and painting. I also want to take some creative food classes - cake decorating, cooking, etc.
  5. Blog more and blog thoughtfully. I want to be more honest about the things I write and whats really on my mind. Sometimes I care too much about how others write or what they write about. I don't have a focused blog. I'm not all about fashion or work or art or weddings or anything. I'm all over the place and my interests vary widely. As a child I was in a million activities - piano, violin, swimming, dance, soccer, etc. I wasn't really exceptionally good at any of them. Probably because I didn't have a focus then. Either way, I think being involved in all sorts of things as a child has really shaped the way I am as an adult. Its also probably partially my personality. I get passionate about things but also bored very easily. I ramble. Long story short, from now on I will write on this blog for myself.
  6. Cook more and cook with variety. I want to eat a variety of food and stop making the same 5 things over and over. I want to cook different types of food and challenge myself. I also want to cook with goal #3 in mind.

I think I want to add more to the list but this is what I've come up with so far. Can anyone share their new year resolutions? Any tips on how to actually keep on your goals?



  1. Happy New Year!

    I love your blog and look forward to seeing more of WHATEVER you want to put on it!!! :)

  2. Thanks Emily! I love your blog too :)

  3. i have similar goals too - eat healthier, exercise. and i want to take a class of something as well - it sounds lame, but i've always wanted to take a knitting class, and why not now? what am i waiting for? not working clearly gives me a ton of free time, so i need to take advantage of this opportunity. i'd also like to keep in better touch with my friends. i know this is a 2 way street, but if i make more of an effort, hopefully other people will as well? you are pretty much the only one i talk to on a regular basis...even if it is on gchat. :)

  4. also, i'm excited that you are back and blogging!!


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