July 29, 2009

Life Update

I apologize in advance to the few readers that are out there. This post is going to be totally disjointed.
  • My blog has a new design thanks to the fantabulous Kelly from Blush !nk. I'll write more about it once the updates are fully finished but isn't she the most talented lady ever? She also did my friends blogs - You Wanna Talk Jive and I Groomzilla You Bride. Head over to her site to see more.
  • I haven't posted in forever. I was thinking about it today and I haven't really been home for a weekend since May! We went to Miami, Virginia, Connecticut, Canada, NYC, So Cal, and then San Francisco. Technically I came back in between my two week California work trip, but it was a red eye that got in on Saturday and I left on Monday at 6am so I was exhausted and grouchy (bword) pants. That was a long sentence. Now we are debating heading to NYC this weekend for a friend's bday party and a grad school reunion BBQ. I really would love to see my friends but I'm not sure I can handle the travel. Especially since my friend is visiting the following weekend and one other weekend I'm going to another bachelorette party.
  • The only good thing about all this travel is that it keeps my mind off the fact that all my friends have left Boston and I have no girlfriends left. My best friend got all fancy and married and left for the west coast so now I'm all alone with my husband and our one friend/current roommate. Current roommate/friend's fiance also happens to be one of my best friends though and she is moving here in November after they get married. So big YAY happy dance to that.
  • I have yet to finish our thank you cards for our wedding that was 11 months ago. My mom will murder me if I let this go any longer. Must. Sit. And. Write. Cards. Not. Blog.
  • I'm addicted to the show Weeds. Its AWESOME and I was so happy we have netflix so I could watch the past two seasons online instead of doing work for two days. Now I wish we had Showtime bad. Between Dexter, Weeds and True Blood I'm hooked.
  • Its 89 degrees in our apartment and I'm debating painting the kitchen Friday if I don't have too much real work to do. I think I'm crazy
  • We found a dead mouse this weekend :( I know I squealed and wanted to vomit all at the same time. Unfortunately it goes hand in hand with living in stupid Boston. I hate rodents and bugs. I wish they would all just leave me alone. I have wayyy to many mouse stories from my husband's old apartment and wayyy too many roach stories from my old apartment in NYC.
    Dead Mouse...get it?

  • Applying for a new passport (card and book) tomorrow with my new name. The process was surprisingly easy. We booked our two week trip to India and Sri Lanka in December. I'm SO excited to finally be able to share Sri Lanka with someone :)
Goin to the Taj Mahal finally!

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Okay enough random babbling. I think I might do this once a week just to get out all the random things that are floating in my head. Sorry to anyone reading but maybe it'll help me get more organized. Maybe its totally pointless and I should just get a journal instead. Thoughts?


July 1, 2009

City walls....

I've been on a little bit of a design kick lately for our apartment. We've lived here for 2 years and our walls are sadly pretty bare. I just put up some collage pictures frames in our living room or else we would literally only have 1 other thing on our walls (besides 2 mirrors). Our entire apartment was painted this sort of beige, pinkish color and we repainted the living room and bedroom. The second bedroom and the kitchen have yet to be painted though.

I want to paint the kitchen a rich buttery yellow. like this
We have two walls in our kitchen/dining area that desperately need some artwork. I was thinking about doing a wall of art from the different cities that we've lived in or want to live in. So Boston, LA, NYC, Toronto are on my list. This is what I've found so far...

I LOVE this Manhattan print. Its quirky and cute and I think awesome. From Three Potato Four:

I kind of like this print from Art.com
and i LOVE these from ork posters! I'd love the LA one but its 6ft long. I think that might be too big. But the orange is awesome and I love the way the poster is laid out.
The Boston one is cool too with obviously less going on in it...
What do you think? Any suggestions? Is this played out or lame?

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