July 1, 2009

City walls....

I've been on a little bit of a design kick lately for our apartment. We've lived here for 2 years and our walls are sadly pretty bare. I just put up some collage pictures frames in our living room or else we would literally only have 1 other thing on our walls (besides 2 mirrors). Our entire apartment was painted this sort of beige, pinkish color and we repainted the living room and bedroom. The second bedroom and the kitchen have yet to be painted though.

I want to paint the kitchen a rich buttery yellow. like this
We have two walls in our kitchen/dining area that desperately need some artwork. I was thinking about doing a wall of art from the different cities that we've lived in or want to live in. So Boston, LA, NYC, Toronto are on my list. This is what I've found so far...

I LOVE this Manhattan print. Its quirky and cute and I think awesome. From Three Potato Four:

I kind of like this print from Art.com
and i LOVE these from ork posters! I'd love the LA one but its 6ft long. I think that might be too big. But the orange is awesome and I love the way the poster is laid out.
The Boston one is cool too with obviously less going on in it...
What do you think? Any suggestions? Is this played out or lame?



  1. i think it would be awesome. the posters are definitely quirky, but i like them and i think the bright colors would be a nice touch. i think they are perfect for the kitchen! esp with a nice buttery yellow on the walls. :)GO FOR IT!

  2. i especially heart the nyc poster...


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