September 15, 2009

Mad for Ruffles: Marc Jacobs Spring 2010

This dress is so ethereal and gorgeous.
I like the structured military jacket with all the ruffles. Also those shoes look amazing.

I could see myself wearing this top for a long long time.
I'm a sucker for these ruffles on this blazer. The pants would be bad news bears on me. Also, I think I need this quilted purse but in black.
I just think this outfit is interesting. It kind of looks like a salwar kameez with a dress shirt under it. Sheer legging/pants are everywhere in this collection which also reminds me of Indian clothes.
Via NY Mag



  1. i love that ruffled blazer too - i love ruffles. i think they are so feminine and i'm a pretty simple dresser so i always think they add so much to an outfit. (i'm still super jealous of that ruffled anthro sweater coat you got!!) i also feel like i've been seeing a lot of indian inspiration in every store - i'm a fan.

  2. patiently waiting for a new post...


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