August 5, 2009

some ivory details

I logged onto Hautelook today and saw this beauty:
Look at this neckline
Adn the cute little buttons on the back...
So I bought it on sale for $129 in this ivory color. I know summer is almost over but I figure I can wear it for our one year anniversary (which is in 25 days eek!). Yes, I have a shopping problem and I'm trying to justify the purchase but it was so pretty.

Make me feel better and tell me what was your last guilty purchase was....



  1. omg, love it! it's such a classic, gorgeous dress! nordstroms has a top with that same necklace-like pattern that i bought a few weeks back.

  2. p.s. i can't believe your 1 year is so soon!!! wooooottt!

  3. Gorgeous! And TOTALLY splurge-worthy. My last guilty purchase was a pair of shoes that I don't even know will match they dress they were bought for, but it was one of those 'it's the last pair?!' moments. Better not lose that receipt...

  4. I'm in love with this dress- in fact, I was hoping you were going to say you fought the urge to buy it so that I could get it for myself! ;) Completely worth it.


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