August 3, 2009

best cup of coffee ever. seriously.

I usually kind of hate Starbucks coffee. Its so strong and burnt and always leaves my mouth coated with a bad taste. I drink it anyway sometimes just out of convenience. I went there this weekend because its right next door to my eyebrow threader. The barista suggested I try a new coffee brewing method where they make each cup fresh using this Clover machine. They grind the beans fresh, the coffee brews, it pushes out the grounds to the top of the machine and it gives you the perfect cup of fresh coffee. It has changed my life.

The clover machine

Its not in many Starbucks but for those of you living in Boston, Seattle, Miami or the SF bay area you MUST go and try it.
Get the Kona blend. It'll change your life too.

PS - Its a little more expensive than their regular crap coffee. I know paying more than $2 for a cup of coffee is ridiculous but its worth it this time.


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  1. Hmm I hate Starbucks coffee too but this sounds intriguing...I'm surprised the clover machine hasn't made it to NYC yet!


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