May 31, 2009

Link Love

My favorite bees:
2 excited nests - coconut
claremont road - cupcake
OMG I'm a Mom! - dumpling
c(oi)n:purse - green tea
Dead Flowers - mouse
Doubly Happy - hot cocoa
Hisbirdie - french bulldog
i heart peonies - peacock
kinzie says - jasmine
Numine - cherry pie
Pretty Damn Fabulous - pomegranate
Silver Pencils - espresso
That Wife - avocado
The Higher Nest - petunia
The Sunset House - eggplant
US meets UK - d'orsay
wifeylifey - penguin
Written Bliss - bunny
youwannatalkjive - candycorn

My favorite photography blogs:

My favorite food blogs:

My favorite fashion blogs:

My favorite home/decor/art blogs:

My favorite wedding blogs:
Michelle Rago, Ltd.—Blog

Other favorite blogs:
The Boothby Blog


May 29, 2009

About Me

I'm a twenty-something year old living in Boston but missing the California sunshine. I moved out to the east coast for college, stayed for grad school and married a Canadian boy who is studying out here for the next few years. Who knows where life will take me but for now I'm on Minden Street discovering married life, figuring out what I want to do when I grow up, convincing my husband to let me have a puppy and enjoying life pre-kids.

I've always loved dogs! Even way back when I could still rock bangs

I first got into blogging when I was planning my wedding and became a blogger for Weddingbee (I'm Mrs. Margarita). Now that the wedding is behind us, I wanted a new venue to write about random musings, life,and the things I love. My interests in life are pretty broad and all over the place but I'm drawn to all things artistic (specifically painting, photography, and sculpture), sleeping (I'm NOT a morning person), baking, shoes,shopping, healthcare/public health (I'm a healthcare consultant whatever that means), making absurd pirate related jokes with my girlfriends, puppies, and of course spending time with my family, friends and husband.

Thanks for stopping by and if you feel like sending me some love email me at

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